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DISCOVER the Gamay !

There are several types of Gamay. The most well-known is the 'Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc' (black skinned with white juice) and its many clones. But there are also the Gamay Fréaux, the 'Gamay de Chaudenay' and the 'Gamay de Bouze' which not only have a black skin but also have a more or less coloured juice. Many synonyms and other related varieties of Gamay exist ...
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The competition

The Gamay International Competition is organized by Inter Beaujolais (Beaujolais Wines’ Federation) and Armonia (International Competitions Organizer).

The Gamay International Competition’s goals are:
- To select and promote the best Gamays of the world.
- To enhance the Gamay’s image and awareness towards the consumers.
- To unveil the Gamay’s grape diversity and strengths throughout the world

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Gamay chez les cavistes et magasins 30-06-2015

Le Concours International du Gamay qui a eu lieu à la Cité Internationale...

International du Gamay 2015 : QUI SERA LE MEILLEUR GAMAY DU MONDE ? 16-12-2014

La 5ème édition du Concours International du Gamay se déroulera le 17 janvier...

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