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Producers are always proud to see their product earn medals... yet over and above the importance of participating in the Competition, when a bottle has been selected by our jury of experts, its award can be displayed for all to see!
Because the Gamay International Competition is credible, well-known and ISO 9001 certified, it benefits from a strong, positive image in the eyes of wine producers, buyers and consumers.
When consumers are choosing a wine, the medals with the Gamay International Competition stamp give your bottle that all-important edge. So displaying them is definitely a good idea!

Condition of use for medals and brand

The quantity of medals ordered must not be superior to the declared quantity.

Printing medals on label, use of the brand
The medal and the logo are protected.
Use of the Gamay International Competition brand name or the logo corresponding to the distinction awarded is subject to payment of a royalty or permit fee. If you would like to include the medal on a label, please contact us and we will send you the procedure.

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