To register as a wine taster for the next competition you just need to fill in the form on the page. Taster registration.

Once your registration has been examined, you will receive an invitation with complete information on the competition.

    • Place : Cité Internationale - 50, quai Charles de Gaulle - 69006 Lyon - France
    • Date and times : 09:00 - 12:00
      • Morning schedule:
      • 9:00 to 9:20: Jurys welcoming
      • 9:30: Opening speech
      • Beginning of the tasting
      • 11:30: Cocktail reception
        Election of the World’s Best Gamay

Tasting rules

The tasting regulations are as follows:

  • Arrive on time (09:00 - 09:20).
  • Do not wear any perfume.
  • Ladies, avoid wearing lipstick.
  • Avoid drinking coffee 1 hour before the tasting.
  • Turn off cell phones.
  • Judge the samples presented with fairness.
  • Respect the samples anonymity until the end.
  • Respect the marks' confidentiality.
  • Do not disturb the other jury tables.

Tasters’ rules and regulations

Registration as a taster at the Gamay International Competition implies acceptance of the following:

Only the person to whom the invitation was addressed (by email, SMS or letter) shall be authorised to enter the premises where the competition is being held. The invitation is strictly for the person named therein and shall not be given to another person without the authorisation of the competition commissioner.

No accompanying persons, whether minors or adults, shall be admitted to the room where the competition is taking place. Competition organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any juror who does not follow this rule.

We strongly recommend that you not drink during the tasting. In accordance with established practice, spittoons are provided for spitting out all or part of the sample. If this recommendation is not followed, the author of any damage or accident will be held responsible. The competition assumes no liability in this area.

Jurors are not allowed to judge their own products. Extract from the rules and regulations: “... organisers […] will ask jury members to submit a solemn declaration indicating any direct or indirect ties they may have with any companies, establishments, professional organisations or associations whose activities, products or interests may be related to wines presented in the competition. The commissioner general has the right to disqualify any juror, if necessary, to avoid having a competitor judge his or her own products.” Disregard for this provision will be considered a fraudulent act.

Leaving with bottles, even open ones, is prohibited.

Photos and videos: the juror grants Competition organisers, freely and without any financial compensation, the right to photograph and/or film him or her if they wish to do so, and to use these images on any supports, including advertisements, in France or abroad for any length of time.

Internet User Rights
According to law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978, concerning computer technologies, data and civil liberties (‘Informatique et Liberté’), ARMONIA informs internet users of their rights to access, contest, rectify and delete all data concerning them. They may exercise these rights by contacting the company in writing.

By registering for the competition, you accept our legal information and our policy for managing personal data, which you may view at link.