Trophy for The World’s Best Gamay

The supreme award

Since 2015, at the end of a competition a ‘Grand Jury’ re-tastes the gold medal winners with the best scores to determine which is the World’s Best Gamay, and a trophy for this supreme award is given to the winner at the awards ceremony.

Trophy for The World’s Best Gamay 2019

Domaine Franck Chavy - Cuvée Fût de Chêne
AOP Morgon - France
Red 2017

Trophy for The World’s Best Gamay 2018

Domaine de Thulon - Opale
AOP Beaujolais-Villages - France
Red 2015

Carine Jambon - Domaine de Thulon – 2018 Award-winner
“As soon as we received the Trophy, we started getting many international phone calls. The trophy really is well-publicised abroad.
Both our professional and individual customers were happy for us, and proud that they had selected the wine even before it obtained the Trophy for the World’s Best Gamay.
This distinction has helped us to become better known, and to keep existing customers loyal. The news really spread around the region. We were also impressed on the local level, because throughout the year people talked about the trophy and congratulated us.”

Trophy for The World’s Best Gamay 2017

Domaine Tano Pechard - Cuvée Canicule
AOP Régnié - France
Red 2014

Patrick Pechard - Domaine Tano Pechard – 2017 Award-winner
“We sold our entire Canicule 2014 cuvée in just 6 months, three times as fast as usual. Many customers new to the domain came to visit, and we were able to introduce them to the rest of our production. Restaurants contacted us spontaneously to ask about our wines!
And the award also helped launch our export business: we made our first--and what is not likely to be our last--delivery abroad--to Asia.
Since winning this trophy we have received many positive messages from customers congratulating us on our success!”

Trophy for The World’s Best Gamay 2016

Domaine Des Maisons Neuves
AOP Chiroubles - France
Red 2015

Emmanuel Jambon – Domaine des Maisons Neuves – 2016 Award-winner
“After my brother and I won the trophy last year, we were able to showcase all our cuvées, and sales doubled. Our entire Chiroubles production was sold almost at once! The wine profession talks about this competition a lot, so we were able to add numerous contacts to our network, in France and for the export market.”

Trophy for The World’s Best Gamay 2015

Domaine De Prapin - Antica Vieilles Vignes
AOP Coteaux du Lyonnais - France
Red 2014

Lucie Jullian – Domaine Prapin – 2015 Award-winner
“After winning the Trophy for the World’s Best Gamay, our turnover increased by 70% for a period of several months. Consumers were excited about our wine, of course, but we also felt real enthusiasm on the part of the wine merchants, restaurant owners and other professionals who contacted us. This Trophy benefitted the entire Coteaux du Lyonnais PDO, and also brought recognition to the organic farming (AB) label.”