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Gamay International Competition

The Gamay International Competition is organized by Inter Beaujolais (Beaujolais Wines’ Federation) and Armonia (International Competitions Organizer).

The Gamay International Competition’s goals are:
- To select and promote the best Gamays of the world.
- To enhance the Gamay’s image and awareness towards the consumers.
- To unveil the Gamay’s grape diversity and strengths throughout the world
to producers, decision-makers and consumers.

In many countries, one of the first criteria concerning a wine selection is the grape variety. It is therefore essential to provide clear information concerning the general and specific characteristics and qualities of the Gamay variety. Especially considering that this variety fits perfectly with current expectations: a fruity, easy wine with low tannin, yet interesting complexity and true ageing potential (5, 10 years or more) and which can also be found as a Rosé.

Each year, 130 tasters, composed of experts and professionals of the wine sector, evaluate more than 600 samples.
The grading grid used by jury members is scaled out of 100 points. It has been created especially for the Gamay grape variety and taking care of the OIV grid criteria. It takes into account 4 essentials key points: the eyesight, the sense of smell, taste and the general aspect.

As soon as the wines are tasted and graded, the Gamay International Competition awards: Gold or Silver Medal, to the wines which best embody the qualities of this grape variety.

Since 2015, at the end of a competition a ‘Grand Jury’ re-tastes the gold medal winners with the best scores to determine which is the World’s Best Gamay, and a trophy for this supreme award is given to the winner at the awards ceremony.

Award-winners' testimony

This competition is opened to wine makers from the whole world whose wines are made using Gamay grapes (85% at least). The producers who would wish to participate must subscribe by mail, or online following this link:


Le concours

Make your distinctions known

Metal plates are a wonderful sales tool. They can be used to call consumers’ attention to the fact that your wines have been awarded medals, and are recognised as being some of the best in their categories.


News about the International Gamay Competition and its results are channeled to many decision-makers in the wine world: wine merchants, journalists (general public, wine world, magazines, newspapers, etc.), importers, oenologists, sommeliers, etc.
This communication helps make the competition-and its medals-more famous and widely known. Decision-makers need to be reassured that they are making the right choice when purchasing or selecting a wine, and a medal from the competition guarantees its quality. Naturally! Because it was selected by a jury of experts.

The best Gamay

A ‘Grand Jury’ re-tastes the gold medal winners to determine which is the World’s Best Gamay. A trophy will be bestowed on the winner when award certificates are delivered.

Certified competition

This certification demonstrates to producers the involvement of the Gamay Competition in showcasing their work. Consumers, for their part, will see it as a sign of rigorous selection, high quality and a competition worthy of their trust.